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Boating Accidents

The boating accident attorneys at Michael L Morgan Law Group know that Florida’s lakes, rivers, gulf and ocean offer an abundance of opportunities for water related activities. Unfortunately, along with these activities comes an increased risk of serious Florida boating accidents.

In 2009, Florida’s boating fatalities were higher than any other state. Boating accidents, in nearly all cases, occur due to negligence. Due to the high volume of boat crash cases, Florida has some rather complicated regulations regarding the operation of boats or other vessels. Florida’s boating laws are the result of many years of legislation and revision by the Florida legislature and can be found in Chapters 327 and 328 of the Florida statutes.

The attorneys at Michael L Morgan Law Grouphave experience handling a wide range of watercraft accidents including:

There are many factors that can lead to boating accidents including:

  1. Alcohol or drug use: The state commission has found that nearly one-third of fatal boating accidents involved drug or alcohol use. There are separate laws regulating boat accidents involving the consumption of alcohol.
  2. Rough seas or bad weather: Severe thunderstorms, common to Florida, can cause water conditions to deteriorate rapidly, causing dangers for boaters.
  3. Inexperienced boat operators: A boating safety course can teach tips and procedures for avoiding accidents. Many boat crashes are caused by individuals that have insufficient experience operating a boat.
  4. Carelessness or recklessness: Be aware of the activities of everyone onboard, not just the driver of the boat, and make sure that there are flotation devices for all passengers. Also, regular maintenance is important to make sure all components are in working order.
  5. Excessive speed: Speeding on the water can be just as dangerous as speeding on the road. Speeding can lead to loss of control of the boat, causing collisions with other objects and causing damage to the boat. Boat speeding is exhilarating, but particularly dangerous, there are no brakes on a boat.

Our attorneys are also experienced boaters who are native to the Sarasota waterways. The attorneys have handled numerous injury claims for all type of cases arising from injuries sustained as the result of someone else’s negligence. We understand the laws and the rules in order to deal most effectively with your Sarasota Boating Accident. If you, or a loved one were injured in a boat accident through no fault of your own, you have a claim that should be protected by proper legal representation. Contact the boating accident attorneys at Michael L Morgan Law Group to schedule an appointment for a free consultation before you speak to the insurance company.


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