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Teen suffers dog bite injuries, has cardiac issue soon after

If the dog is running free and has a propensity to bite, there can be injuries and even death. The owner of the dog is responsible for its behavior and those who were victimized and suffered dog bite injuries should be aware of the necessary steps to file a lawsuit for compensation.

A dog bite led to a teen being injured and then suffering a cardiac issue. The teen, a 17-year-old female, was walking near her apartment complex with a friend. A dog that was untethered approached and attacked her. She was bitten on the foot.

How to protect yourself from distracted drivers

No matter how good your driving is, your safety depends, to some extent, on other drivers. Many responsible drivers are seriously injured or even killed due to drivers who become distracted while behind the wheel. Measures should be taken to ensure that you can detect distracted behaviors so that you can adequately protect yourself and your loved ones in the car.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver, it is important that you take time to understand how the law applies to the situation. Many injured drivers are able to gain back damages as a result of being injured through no fault of their own.

Child suffers dies in bicycle-car crash

Drivers who are on the road in the morning and the afternoon in Sarasota and across Florida must be aware of the presence of children as they head to school. Since children are inherently vulnerable and can be difficult to see, it is vital that drivers are not behaving in a reckless or distracted way.

Unfortunately, not all drivers adhere to the rules of the road and watch for children. This can lead to an auto accident and catastrophic injuries. In a worst-case scenario, the injuries can be fatal. It is difficult to imagine the pain a parent faces after such an incident, but they must still be cognizant of their rights in the aftermath.

Sarasota's drunk driving fatality rate is far too high

Drunk driving accidents can kill innocent people, which is why police officers fight so hard to keep these drivers off the road. People who live in the Sarasota area should know that it was recently named the big city in which you are most likely to die of a drunk driving crash in Florida. This city has a death rate of 12.2 drunk driving fatalities per 100,000 residents per year. That is around twice as much as Lakeland, which comes in second on the list.

The tragedy that comes with a drunk driving crash can be considerable. Innocent people can die or suffer life-altering injuries. These incidents are all preventable if people would just find other ways home.

Distracted driving motor vehicle accidents spark more studies

Distracted driving seems to be a topic of discussion every day in Florida and throughout the United States.

There is good reason for this, as the act of checking a cellphone or taking part in other distracting behaviors is one of the biggest reasons for motor vehicle accidents causing injury and death.

Teenagers talk about cellphone use like an addiction

Cellphone use behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous, and we're at the point now where most people have at least heard of the danger. They know it's a risk. They know that it causes accidents and takes lives. There are few people out there texting and driving who would be shocked to learn that it's risky.

However, they keep taking that same risk, over and over. They know the stakes, but it's easy to think that those accidents are events involving other people. They assume they can text safely and they are willing to gamble with their lives -- and others' -- to find out.

Sarasota high on list of fatal state DUI motor vehicle accidents

Drunk driving accidents are a danger throughout Florida. People driving under the influence can cause injuries and death by getting behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs.

Researchers examine data in each state and throughout the nation to determine which local areas are at the highest risk for drunk driving accidents so as to formulate strategies to combat the problem. In Florida, the results indicate that certain areas were at higher risk than others.

Moped riders can be seriously hurt in motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents in Sarasota and throughout Florida can always cause injuries and fatalities, but there are certain people who are at greater risk than others.

People who are riding a bicycle, a motorbike or are pedestrians are prone to suffering worse injuries than those who are protected by being in a passenger vehicle. With that vulnerability, those who are injured in these crashes can have their lives upended with a litany of problems. For these victims, having legal assistance in a crash is important to be sufficiently compensated.

The steps to take to address a construction contract conflict

Home construction projects often produce conflicts and problems. Whether you are a contractor that goes into someone's home to repair, build or update their home, or a homeowner who hired a professional to do a job, it is possible that you feel like the other party isn't fulfilling their obligations.

Regardless of which role you find yourself in, there are steps to take that can help you resolve the issue. It's important that you remain calm when you interact with the other party and stay focused on securing a positive outcome to the situation.

Florida bill seeks to reduce distracted motor vehicle accidents

Any Florida driver who spends even a small amount of time on the state roadways will understand the problem of people who are not paying attention to the road and are instead looking down at their handheld devices. It is known how dangerous the practice is, but people continue to do it. People who are in a crash should be aware of the chance that it was due to a distracted driver.

Currently, state law limits what law enforcement officers can do to cite drivers for texting and driving. However, there is an ongoing attempt by legislators to make it easier to stop and cite distracted drivers.

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