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Moped riders can be seriously hurt in motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents in Sarasota and throughout Florida can always cause injuries and fatalities, but there are certain people who are at greater risk than others.

People who are riding a bicycle, a motorbike or are pedestrians are prone to suffering worse injuries than those who are protected by being in a passenger vehicle. With that vulnerability, those who are injured in these crashes can have their lives upended with a litany of problems. For these victims, having legal assistance in a crash is important to be sufficiently compensated.

The steps to take to address a construction contract conflict

Home construction projects often produce conflicts and problems. Whether you are a contractor that goes into someone's home to repair, build or update their home, or a homeowner who hired a professional to do a job, it is possible that you feel like the other party isn't fulfilling their obligations.

Regardless of which role you find yourself in, there are steps to take that can help you resolve the issue. It's important that you remain calm when you interact with the other party and stay focused on securing a positive outcome to the situation.

Florida bill seeks to reduce distracted motor vehicle accidents

Any Florida driver who spends even a small amount of time on the state roadways will understand the problem of people who are not paying attention to the road and are instead looking down at their handheld devices. It is known how dangerous the practice is, but people continue to do it. People who are in a crash should be aware of the chance that it was due to a distracted driver.

Currently, state law limits what law enforcement officers can do to cite drivers for texting and driving. However, there is an ongoing attempt by legislators to make it easier to stop and cite distracted drivers.

Head injuries make cycling accidents incredibly dangerous

When people think about devastating cycling accidents, they imagine the worst:

  • A mangled bike, all bent steel and twisted wheels
  • A cyclist with clearly broken bones, lying in the street
  • Cars skidding to a halt all around the accident scene
  • Police officers telling everyone to back away so that they can do CPR

Of course, these types of accidents do happen. But it's important not to assume that an accident that looks less drastic is actually minor. It could still have serious, life-long ramifications for the cyclist, especially if it involves a head injury or a traumatic brain injury.

Fatal pedestrian motor vehicle accidents a problem in Florida

Pedestrians are at risk whenever they head out and walk the streets in Florida.

With the number of motor vehicle accidents in which drivers are distracted, under the influence and operating their vehicles recklessly, the vulnerability of pedestrians can result in severe injuries and fatalities.

Do you know the different kinds of distracted driving?

Distracted driving has almost become synonymous with the use of smart devices like mobile phones and tablets. People imagine teenagers on Snapchat while driving or perhaps young adults texting their friends at the wheel.

However, distracted driving knows no age. Professionals can easily feel pressured to respond to a work email. Even adults may find the desire to text or post to social media hard to control.

Motor vehicle accidents with motorcycles can cause severe injury

In Sarasota and throughout Florida, it is common for motorcyclists to ride through the state and congregate for various motorcycle-related events.

Since the motorcycles can be difficult to see and drivers of passenger cars are frequently not paying strict attention to their actions as they should, motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles are common.

Driver fleeing from prior accident causes fatal crash

Drivers in Sarasota and the surrounding areas can be involved in motor vehicle accidents without warning. These crashes can happen for many reasons, including drunk driving and distracted driving.

Often, these accidents lead to major injuries and fatalities. The circumstances of the accident must be examined to determine how and why it happened so those who were impacted can take the necessary steps to consider a legal filing for compensation. This is especially important when one of the drivers is known to have committed legal violations at the time of the accident.

What are your rights when a contractor doesn't do their job?

Whether you are in the process of building your own home or need to renovate or remodel parts of your house, the chances are good that you can't handle all of the work yourself. Some people rely on contractors to handle the entire process of building or remodeling. Others do some of the manual labor themselves and outsource the more skilled jobs, such as the installation or updating of plumbing or electrical wiring.

Regardless of how big the project is or how much responsibility you allocate to the contractor, you are generally dependent on them to follow through with the job as promised. Unfortunately, some contractors do mediocre work. Others outsource their job to poorly paid subcontractors without as much experience or skill. Some contractors will even accept a down payment for services and then never show up to work.

Catastrophic injuries in pedestrian accidents common in Florida

While walking is a way to improve one's health, save money on fuel costs and help the environment, Floridians should be cognizant of the inherent dangers to pedestrians in the state.

Catastrophic injuries and death can happen when a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle, and statistics indicate that nearly half of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. for pedestrians are in Florida. Sarasota and its surrounding areas are ranked fourth in the latest report. People who are walking regularly should be aware of this.

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