The Surprising Everyday Impact of Personal Injury Lawyers

Law Day: May 1, 2016

Sunday, May 1 was Law Day in the United States and has been celebrated since 1958 when President Dwight Eisenhower first issued a proclamation establishing the holiday on the advice of the American Bar Association. Each year, the president continues this tradition with a formal statement celebrating the history of law in the United States and the importance of law in a civilized society.

Each Law Day also has its own focus, and state bar associations and law schools across the country use this theme to hold seminars and educational events. This year's Law Day theme centered on the Miranda rights of criminal suspects. But Law Day and the law, in general, aren't just important for attorneys and those accused of a crime-law and the work of lawyers both impact the lives of ordinary citizens every day in ways that you might not realize.

Personal Injury Law and Everyday Life

Personal injury lawyers sometimes receive an unfortunate reputation as "ambulance chasers" who try to profit from people's injuries. But in fact, personal injury lawyers actually impact people's lives in a number of highly beneficial ways, even before they've ever experienced an injury - or if they never do. In many cases, attorneys in the field of personal injury law actually work to help prevent injuries and accidents from ever happening in the first place.

Personal injury lawyers accomplish all of the things below - and more - to benefit the lives of everyday citizens:

  • Personal injury attorneys hold companies accountable for negligent decisions that harm consumers, and they get dangerous products removed from the marketplace. Every year, companies across the U.S. issue safety recalls for thousands of defective or dangerous products and pharmaceuticals that don't meet consumer safety standards. While manufacturers recall some of these products voluntarily after discovering a defect themselves or based on advice from the FDA, many others are recalled only after consumers have been harmed by them and file lawsuits against the companies with the help of an attorney. If it weren't for legal action in these cases, many more people might be injured or otherwise harmed by the defects in these products before a company would decide to take action. Without the work of personal injury attorneys helping their clients, any number of dangerous products would still be on the shelves right now. Not only that, but personal injury lawyers also help victims of defective products and pharmaceuticals to recover financial losses from the companies that manufacture them, ensuring that negligent companies can't profit from the pain and suffering of consumers whose trust they have betrayed.
  • Personal injury lawyers actually prevent clients from pursuing a lawsuit when it won't benefit anyone. While many people think that lawyers live to take cases to court, the fact is that experienced and professional personal injury attorneys first and foremost provide the best legal advice for their clients, and oftentimes that advice doesn't involve filing a lawsuit. Many cases actually stay out of the court system because attorneys advise their clients not to pursue further legal action or because the attorney helps negotiate a successful settlement that works for both parties - thereby reducing the strain on our court system in a way that most people never hear about.
  • Personal injury attorneys give individuals a sense of security to pursue risky activities, knowing that they will have someone to represent them if they need it. The term "risky activities" doesn't necessarily mean extreme sports or other daredevil activities. There are many extremely risky activities that we partake in every day, like driving our vehicle, which is among the riskiest activities you do. If that risk ever becomes a reality when you're involved in a car accident, a personal injury attorney is there to protect you from being taken advantage of by insurance companies and to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve from those who are at fault. Even something as simple as bicycling or walking on the sidewalk requires taking risks because you're placing your safety in the hands of others who share the same space. While most people behave responsibly and conscientiously when interacting in society, the law gives victims an avenue to deal with people who don't and hold them accountable for their actions in a civilized and equitable way.
  • Personal injury lawyers act as experts in the law so everyday citizens don't have to. Drivers' education training would take years if everyone driver needed to know all the ins and outs of vehicle accident law in order to drive. Likewise, consumers would be drowning in reading if they needed to know the case law pertaining to every one of their household products that could cause injury or harm. Professionals in injury law serve as experts in an enormous body of knowledge so consumers don't need to be familiar with the complexities of the law themselves. With that knowledge, qualified and experienced personal injury lawyers can act as trusted advisors to those who have suffered because of someone else's negligence or wrongdoing.

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