The Costs of Treating Catastrophic Injuries of the Spinal Cord

Car accident injuries in Florida can fall anywhere on a spectrum of injury severity. At one end are those injuries that are minor in nature, such as bumps, bruises, scrapes and maybe a cut or two. On the other end of the spectrum are those catastrophic injuries that can completely reshape an individual's life. These injuries can lead to permanent disability and cause extensive physical, emotional, and financial damages.

Amongst these catastrophic injuries are those related to the spinal cord. To serve as an example of how costly these injuries can be, let us look at the estimated expenses associated with treating this medical condition. An individual whose spinal cord injury leaves him or her with an incomplete motor function can face nearly $350,000 in medical expenses and rehabilitation costs in the first year of treatment alone. Each additional year can cost more than $40,000. An individual who suffers from high tetraplegia can be hit with more than $1 million of treatment-related expenses in their first year, with approximately $184,000 in subsequent years.

Over an individual's lifetime, these expenses can be ruinous. For example, a 25-year-old who suffers from incomplete motor function due to a spinal cord injury can see more than $1.5 million in expenses over his or her lifetime. That same individual who suffers from high tetraplegia can wind up with more than $4.7 million in medical and rehabilitation bills.

These damages only address medical care and don't touch on lost wages and noneconomic damages like pain and suffering. Those who suffer serious injuries like these due to the negligence of another may want to pursue compensation to help offset all of these damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Those who are wondering if a personal injury lawsuit is right for them should take the steps necessary to understand how the applicable laws apply to the facts of their case. From there, they can make informed decisions with regard to their legal options.