Are You Prepared to Navigate a Truck Accident Claim?

Experiencing a commercial truck accident is always a big ordeal, even for those who do not suffer significant property damage or injuries. Unfortunately, for those who do suffer costly damages or serious injuries, navigating the aftermath of a truck accident can prove enormously difficult. In some cases, a victim may miss out on substantial portions of the compensation that he or she deserves from the accident because of a weak claim or poor understanding of the legal issues that a commercial truck accident involves.

If you recently survived a truck accident, then you probably have some very pressing needs to address, such as your own physical recovery from your injuries, the replacement of your vehicle and any other personal property damaged in the wreck, and any income you lost. Each of these areas requires special attention to help keep your rights and priorities protected while you recover.

Who are the defendants?

In a typical car accident between two consumer drivers, one or both drivers makes an error that results in the crash and the respective insurance companies negotiate terms on a settlement. However, accidents that involve individuals who drive commercial vehicles professionally are significantly more complex. This can be good for the victims because an injury or property damage claim may include more defendants and may seek greater compensation, but the process of negotiating a fair settlement is also much more complex.

For instance, if the driver works as an independent contractor, then he or she may bear personal liability for the accident, but if the driver works as an employee for some company, then the employing company may also hold liability.

Similarly, the accident may have little or nothing to do with the driver and everything to do with a poorly packed cargo load or a poorly maintained vehicle. Drivers are often only transporting pre-packed cargo, which may shift during transit if the party who packed it and secured it to the bed or inside the container did a poor job. While the results are every bit as devastating, a shifting load can cause an accident that the driver is completely unable to avoid. This might mean that the party who packed the load is liable in a claim.

Similarly, the accident may occur because some components of the truck fail. This may occur because the component is faulty, or because the party who repairs and maintains the truck did not do their job properly. In these instances, the party that performed the repairs or manufactured the failed part may hold liability.

Protecting your rights in Florida

Your injuries are worth taking seriously, and if you do not use all the tools and resources available to you, you may miss out on compensation that you truly deserve. Building a legal strategy is not a simple task, and many victims believe that it is in their best interests to use the guidance of an attorney to help them. This is a wise choice, but it is important to consider this carefully. In Florida, only attorneys licensed to practice in Florida may do so, meaning that those who live out of state must consider this when pursuing a claim in the Sunshine state.

Be sure to treat your needs and injuries with the care that you deserve, including building and pursuing a strong claim that protects your rights and pursues truly fair compensation for your losses.