5 Signs You Need the Help of a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

From car wrecks to motorcycle accidents and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) to dog bites, a significant, life-changing injury can have devastating effects on your life and your loved ones. 

Personal injury law is complex and nuanced. For many people, it is difficult to know how to assess your personal and unique situation and if you need the help of an attorney. Below, we've put together a list of 5 signs that you likely need the help of a personal injury attorney and should schedule a free consultation.

5 Signs You Need a Sarasota Personal Injury Attorney

  1. You've suffered severe injuries
    The more severe your injury, the more complex and expensive the medical treatment you'll need, which can lead to a personal injury claim with damages that are not only much higher but also much more complicated. Some types of severe injuries, like traumatic brain injuries, have far-reaching effects that can impact many different areas of a person's life. The effects of an injury such as this cannot be seen and must be carefully evaluated and explained by experts. This often requires expert testimony, which an experienced attorney can arrange.
  2. You have long-term or permanently disabling injuries
    A disabling injury can create an overwhelming expense for both the present and the future. The costs of long-term care can be difficult to calculate and will often require economic expertise to make an informed and solid legal case. An experienced personal injury attorney will have the knowledge and resources needed to help you demonstrate these costs to the court and get what you deserve out of your claim.
  3. The insurance company refuses to pay what you deserve
    Insurance companies have a lot more resources (time, money, legal counsel, etc.) than the average person. They can easily try to dismiss or dispute your claim. It is important to retain an experienced personal injury attorney to level the playing field as you go after the compensation you need and deserve.
  4. The accident involved multiple parties or unclear liability
    Accidents involving multiple parties (like a multiple-car pileup or a trucking crash) with one or more at-fault parties can be multifaceted. If there are insurance limits involved, there may only be a limited amount of money to go around to all the affected parties. An experienced attorney will know how to use the law to your benefit and will be able to establish liability in situations like these. Having an advocate for you will help you receive a fair share of the liable party's insurance limits.
  5. You may be at fault to some degree for your injuries
    If you are at fault in any way for your injuries, you may receive counter-claims or cross-claims from the other party involved. An attorney can help protect you against any liability you might face.

If it's not clear already, personal injury claims are complex and can require a working knowledge of anything from emergency medicine to engineering. One of the reasons personal injury cases are so complex is that injuries can affect many areas of your everyday life for months, years, or even the rest of your life.

A personal injury attorney can help you navigate the complex landscape of the law and how it can protect and help you. Make sure you have the best path forward for yourself and your family by retaining a personal injury attorney you trust and who will fight for you.

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