Distracted Driving Motor Vehicle Accidents Spark More Studies

Distracted driving seems to be a topic of discussion every day in Florida and throughout the United States.

There is a good reason for this, as the act of checking a cellphone or taking part in other distracting behaviors is one of the biggest reasons for motor vehicle accidents causing injury and death.

Still, a recent study from a traffic data company, Zendrive, says that people are unable to stop using their cellphones for a variety of activities when behind the wheel.

According to the research, people are not just speaking on the phone, but they are also sending texts, using FaceTime, and live streaming.

To further its research, the company not only utilized data from the phones it is monitoring but also received self-assessment from the drivers asking them if they focused on the road when driving. It found that drivers are unaware of the frequency with which they used their devices when behind the wheel. The drivers who had the highest amount of distracted driving were the ones who felt they paid the closest attention.

Since distracted driving laws are not solving the problem, stakeholders are seeking other solutions. The goal of applications like Zendrive is to make drivers aware of the dangers of distracted driving and use that awareness to reduce it. Another company, TrueMotion, is also tracking the incidences of distracted driving for many of this country's insurance companies. Other insurers use Cambridge Mobile Telematics. These efforts are being done so insurers can gauge how the epidemic of distracted driving impacts their business.

It is a fact that in today's world when there are motor vehicle accidents, the first thing that many will think about is that the other driver was distracted. After a crash, with the medical expenses, lost income and other problems that accompany it, having legal assistance to determine the cause of the accident can be critical to a successful legal filing. A law firm experienced in distracted driving motor vehicle accidents should be consulted to determine the next step after an accident.