Child Suffers Fatal Injuries in Bicycle-Car Crash

Drivers who are on the road in the morning and the afternoon in Sarasota and across Florida must be aware of the presence of children as they head to school. Since children are inherently vulnerable and can be difficult to see, it is vital that drivers are not behaving in a reckless or distracted way.

Unfortunately, not all drivers adhere to the rules of the road and watch for children. This can lead to an auto accident and catastrophic injuries. In a worst-case scenario, the injuries can be fatal. It is difficult to imagine the pain a parent faces after such an incident, but they must still be cognizant of their rights in the aftermath.

A 25-year-old woman rolled through a stop sign and hit a 9-year-old child as he crossed the street on the way to school. He was riding his bicycle.

The woman, in a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado, hit the boy as he was in the crosswalk. The woman reportedly said she did not see the child. The boy was dragged approximately 15 feet. He was behind his sister. She was unhurt. The child was in the third grade. The investigation is continuing.

Any auto accident in which a loved one dies will have a terrible impact on the family. That is exacerbated when the victim is a child. Parents and other family members receiving the call that a child was killed in an auto accident is something they might never get beyond. The emotional and personal impact is immense.

Although it is hard to think about, the person who hit the victim in a car should be held accountable. This includes investigating the case and determining how and why it happened. Calling a legal professional for advice is an important step.

A child on a bicycle was crossing the street on his way to school when a woman rolled through a stop sign and hit him. He was killed. As the case is investigated, the boy's family must consider all options and contact a law firm that understands investigating catastrophic injuries and wrongful death cases as soon as possible.