Motor Vehicle Accidents and Settlement Negotiations

Despite what television and the movies may have you believe about the law, the truth of the matter is that most lawsuits in Florida settle before going to trial. Depending on the circumstances at hand, reaching a resolution prior to trial can save you time and money. It can also provide you with the favorable outcome you need to obtain financial stability and closure. However, before accepting a settlement, you need to carefully consider the facts of your case to make sure that it is the right choice for you.

One of the first steps you can take in settling your claim is to issue a demand letter. Here, you lay out the extent of your damages and request a certain amount of compensation that will avoid litigation. While this can be an effective way to layout the strength of your case if the matter was to go to trial, it can also give you a starting point for negotiations.

If the matter ends up being negotiated, often through a neutral mediator, you need to know the leverage you have and a realistic expectation of what you can recover. This means that you need to carefully consider the strength of your evidence as well as the likelihood of success at trial. You'll also have to think about possible defenses that could be raised at trial and how damaging they could be to your case. Of course, you'll also want to think about how badly you want to fight. Settling a case can provide a relatively quick resolution that can send you on your way with the compensation you are owed.

To be successful at negotiating a settlement, you need to be skillful in how you approach it. This is why many Florida motor vehicle accident victims turn to legal professionals who can aggressively pursue outcomes that support their best interests.