Dog Bite Injury Threatens Life of One-Year-Old Boy

Dogs can be very loving pets. Yet, even though we all think we know our pets, the truth of the matter is that they can turn at any time. When they do, those nearby can be subjected to serious injuries. This can include massive gashes that require stitches, fractures and broken bones that require casts, and deformities that can last a lifetime. This is unacceptable, especially when it is down that a dog in question has shown aggressive tendencies.

One of these vicious dog attacks recently left a one-year-old boy hospitalized. There, a pit bull mauled the boy, leaving him with life-threatening injuries. Reports indicate that the dog was not provoked to attack. The child's family says that the dog belonged to a family member who was visiting the residence at the time of the dog bit. The dog was apparently recently acquired and was considered non-aggressive. The animal was euthanized shortly after this incident.

Those who are injured in a dog attack can have a long and painful road to recovery. The physical damages caused to them can be significant, but so, too, can the emotional harm. Some victims are left with permanent disability and disfigurement, and many adults who are injured in these attacks are left unable to work for a period of time, resulting in lost wages.

Nobody should have to face the overwhelming losses that accompany a dog bite. This is why victims should consider taking legal action. So long as an animal wasn't provoked, then dog owners may be held liable under certain circumstances for the damages their animals cause. This means compensation may be recoverable to help a victim obtain medical care, recover lost wages and ease pain and suffering during a time when they need to focus on recovering their health and getting back to normal life.