Motorcyclist Dies, Passenger Has Catastrophic Injuries in Crash

Because Sarasota and the entire State of Florida have warm weather year-round, a number of people will enjoy taking to the state's roadways on a motorcycle. While this can be a fun activity, there are inherent dangers for riders and passengers. A motorcycle crash can lead to catastrophic injuries and death.

Often, these crashes occur because drivers are not paying attention to motorcyclists or fail to adhere to the law. When there is an accident, those who are affected must consider their rights to be compensated via a legal filing.

A motorcycle accident claimed the life of a 52-year-old man and seriously injured his 53-year-old female passenger. The accident occurred when a passenger car turned in front of the motorcycle. The rider was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead. The passenger was hospitalized. The driver of the Malibu, a 38-year-old man, was charged with failing to yield to the motorcycle and for not having a driver's license.

While most people in Florida are able to ride in safety, there are still a substantial number of accidents involving motorcycles every year. Often, because of their vulnerability, riders are injured and killed. For those who suffer injuries, there can be broken bones, brain trauma, back injuries, lost limbs and more. Frequently, this is because of drivers not seeing the motorcycle, getting too close to them, and turning in front of them.

With all the long-term consequences of motorcycle accident injuries and death, it can be essential to have legal advice on how to pursue compensation. To review these rights, a law firm that has a history of assisting those who have suffered catastrophic injuries in motorcycle accidents can be consulted.