Take Our Florida Safe Driving Quiz and See How Much You Know

How did you do?

7 - 8: Professional Driver. You know the driving laws in Florida quite well indeed. Still, there's always room for improvement. Check out the Florida Driver's Handbook to read more about the finer points of driver rules and responsibilities in Florida.

5 - 6: OK Driver. Not bad, but it wouldn't hurt to brush up a little. Check out the Florida Driver's Handbook to learn about the areas where you struggled, plus a lot more.

3 - 4: Driver-in-training. This result is a little worrisome unless you're still in driver's ed. You should probably check out the Florida Driver's Handbook and do some serious studying because you've got work to do before we can consider you a knowledgeable Florida driver.

1 - 2: Road Hazard. We hope we don't see you out on the road anytime soon. Spend some time with the Florida Driver's Handbook, and get serious about learning the rules and responsibilities of driving in Florida.

0: Menace to Society. Are you serious or just messing around? The Florida Driver's Handbook should be the only thing on your reading list until you get a better handle on the rules of the road.