brain injury

Brain Injury

Brain injury occurs when the brain experiences physical trauma, usually due to accidents, birth injuries, or medical malpractice. Most brain injuries stem from either blunt force trauma to the head or lack of oxygen to the brain, which is common in brain injuries stemming from birth injuries or medical malpractice. Of all bodily injuries, brain injuries are arguably the most serious. Victims of brain injuries typically suffer from a number of life altering side effects, and never fully regain the same quality of life they had before the injury. In many brain injury cases, the damage done is irreversible.

Brain injury can stem from a number of circumstances, including:

The costs associated with treating and caring for someone with a brain injury are astronomical. Not only is the cost of medical care extraordinarily high in brain injury cases, but the amount of money it costs to care for a brain injury victim throughout his or her lifetime, is also incredibly expensive. Many brain injury victims, especially victims of permanent brain injuries who require medical care and treatment for brain injuries, cannot afford to cover even their current medical bills, let alone continuing expenses throughout the brain injury victim’s lifetime. Fortunately, victims of brain injuries, have the right to seek damages from the person responsible for the accident that led to their injury. Damages are awarded to cover a victim’s current medical bills, future medical bills, ongoing treatment costs, costs for adaptive equipment and medication, lost wages, future lost wages, decreased quality of life, and pain and suffering.

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