Injured By A Distracted Driver? We Will Fight For You.

Despite ongoing efforts in Florida to educate people and enforce anti-distracted driving laws, negligent drivers continue to text, use social media and engage in other distractions behind the wheel. The reality is that distracted drivers cause devastating accidents, and victims and their families need to know their legal options for putting their lives back together.

At Michael L. Morgan Law Group, we are committed to holding distracted drivers accountable. We fight to help car accident victims and their families get the maximum available compensation for their injuries. Attorney Michael L. Morgan is an experienced trial lawyer who has recovered more than $25 million in verdicts and settlements for his clients.

If you or a loved one was harmed by a distracted driver, contact us in Sarasota today for a free consultation with an injury attorney. We can help.

Victims Of Distracted Driving Accidents Deserve Compensation

Texting while driving is a public health problem, and some drivers are simply addicted to using their cellphones. We know how to investigate these cases and hold drivers accountable for their life-threatening behavior. If a distracted driver has harmed you or a loved one, we can help you recover compensation for the resulting costs, including medical bills, vehicle damage, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Even when distraction was clearly the cause of an accident, insurance companies will try to minimize or even deny compensation for the injured victim. We level the playing field for people whose lives have been upended by distracted drivers. We will take on the insurance company while you focus on healing.

Distracted Drivers Ignore The Facts

Studies have shown that texting takes a driver's eyes off the road for an average of five seconds. That is enough time for a vehicle traveling at 55 miles per hour to cover the length of a football field. A lot can happen in that amount of time, and distracted drivers are not prepared to adjust to changes in traffic and road conditions.

Distracted driving commonly results in rear-end collisions, failure to stop at stops signs, failure to stop at red lights, and crossing into oncoming traffic. These are potentially deadly traffic violations that lead to serious injuries for people throughout Florida.

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