Construction Dispute Mediation, Arbitration And Negotiation

Many construction disputes never proceed to trial and are instead resolved outside of court through mediation, arbitration or negotiation. These forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are often recommended to avoid the costs of litigation, resolve a dispute more quickly and fairly, and keep the dispute private.

If you are involved in a construction dispute, we can advise you on the best path forward to minimize your costs and seek the resolution you need.

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Why It's Important To Have A Trial Lawyer On Your Side

Arbitration, mediation and negotiation can be great ways to resolve construction disputes outside of court. Often these methods lead to mutually satisfying agreements between the disputing parties.

However, that does not mean your case should not be strongly built, and building a strong case means making it trial-ready if going to court becomes necessary. Attorney Michael L. Morgan is an accomplished trial lawyer who is respected by judges and opposing counsel alike. When you become a client of Michael L. Morgan Law Group, you can count on us to build the strongest possible case for achieving your goals.

Whether the dispute is ultimately resolved outside of court or through litigation, we can advise you on the path that is most beneficial to you.

Our Dispute Resolution Services

We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions in all types of construction law cases, including:

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