How Long Will My Case Take?

One question clients of Michael L. Morgan Law Group always ask is "How long will my case take?" The answer depends on your injuries. It's important not to settle your case until you know how the injury will affect you in the future. You won't know that until you complete your medical treatment.

The insurance companies may offer to write an immediate check to settle your case. The check may seem appealing at a time when you are incurring expenses for medical treatment and lost wages. However, accepting an early settlement is usually a costly mistake. Here's why:

  • Once you settle your case and sign a release form, you give up the right to file a claim in the future if your injuries turn out to be more serious than you thought. As a result, you may not receive enough money to cover your future needs.
  • The amount offered is likely to be a lowball offer that the insurance company hopes you are desperate enough to accept.
  • Nobody, not even your lawyer, knows what your case is worth until you complete your medical treatment. Only then will we know what your future medical and other needs are likely to be. For example, you may need surgery later. The injury may affect your ability to work. You have the right to seek compensation for future medical care, surgery, physical therapy, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, until your case is resolved, you will need to find another way to pay your medical bills.

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