Answering Your Questions About Personal Injury

If this is the first time you have suffered a serious injury in an accident, you may not know how to deal with the legal and insurance issues ahead of you. That inexperience can be costly. Medical care, lost wages and other costs from an accident can add up to a devastating financial blow.

At Michael L. Morgan Law Group in Sarasota, we offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions about Florida no-fault insurance and other legal and financial issues. If the accident was caused by someone else, we'll explain your legal options under Florida law. Call 941-444-1028 to schedule a consultation with attorney Michael L. Morgan.

Here are examples of questions we are frequently asked. Please click on the link for answers.

What should I do if I am injured on vacation?

How long will my personal injury case take?

How do I pay medical bills?

What if I have to miss work?

What do you do?

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If you have been hurt by someone else's carelessness or negligence, call us first to discuss your case. Call 941-444-1028 or complete our contact form to talk to an experienced and compassionate lawyer. Michael L. Morgan Law Group office is in downtown Sarasota, at 2364 Fruitville Road (between Lime and Shade avenues).